spray pump(32PL-)

Date: 17 Jul 2009
Uses: 32PL spray-pump system single-stage single-suction centrifugal horizontal cantilever. Drilling for oil pump cylinder, the piston spray, cooling, lubrication, can also be used to transport the water below 80 ℃, with a small amount of sediment or sewage, oil drilling and pumping facilities when used with a belt drive, Other sites may also be used with 4-pole motor Direct.
Features: The design of a special pump impeller pump body, positive and negative direction of rotation, have a face, therefore, the use of the pump, both positive and negative direction of the normal operation, and performance parameters consistent with the use of the pump To a great convenience, the pump has been the national nvention patent.
Use, maintenance and repair:
1, before the opening of the check into the amount of grease, so as not to dry mill bearings, high temperature bearings injury.
2, after the start, to fill suitable for transfer, so as not to burn sleeve.
3, damage to the packing leak occurred should be replaced immediately.
 The main performance parameters:
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