Plate/Shell Heat Exchanger

Date: 23 Mar 2009

In the present world, the plate/shell heat exchanger (PSHE) is now the high efficient and energy conservation for tubular/shell heat exchanging (TSHE) facility. The exchanging material for PSHE is herringbone-formed stainless steel plate. Plate bundle is welded on with the advanced and programmed auto-argon welder. Full welded bundle is assembled in pressure shell. The herringbone plates offer static stirring action that forms turbulent flow at lower Reynolds number thus decrease scaling rate. The heat transfer efficiency is 2-3 times of conventional tubular/shell one’s. the static stirring action overcomes “off-flow” happening in conventional tubular/shell heat exchanger, that causes the separation of gas and liquid. Also the maintenance and easy cleaning (if necessary) are great reduced with the action by static stirring.


The countercurrent heat transfer can be realized in PSHE. Compared with conventional TSHE, the PSHE, the cold end and heat end has low temperature difference that means more heat energy has been received thus greatly save operation cost.


The PSHE features compact in size. At the same working condition the PSHE is small in size and light in weight that save area and installation cost.


Performance and features


.Single plate size (max.) is 1,200×1600mm;


.Heat transfer area of one equipment (max.) is 5,000 m3;


.The plates are formed with herringbone;


.Plate bundle is assembled in shell and supported each other;


.A modified mixer for gas/liquid is adopted based on tubular/shell heat exchanger;


.Pipe connection is adopted with heat joint;


.Disassemble and maintenance structure are invented in the world;

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