Heat exchange units

Date: 06 Aug 2009

Heat exchange units are mainly composed of heat exchanger, circulation pump, temperature regulating valve, pump frequency converter, valves and pipes and the control system. The unit has high heat exchange efficiency and covers small floorspace. Compared with regular heat exchange station, a large amount of infrastructure cost can be saved, the installation and commissioning are easy andThe air cooler is composed of fin core assembly and ventilator(optional).serialization and standardization can be simply realized.The liquid medium flows in the tube and air (or other gases) flows among the We can configure proper control system according to customers’ requirements and the unit can operate automatically and be fins outside the tube so that heat can be exchanged between water (or other liquid) and air (or other gases). As air cooling/heating is used, water can be saved and environment protected.

The materials for core tube and fin of air coolers are selected by medium characteristics and users’ requirements. Tubes can be made with materials including white brass, pure copper, tin brass, and titanium and fins with aluminum, pure copper and etc.

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