Force Draft Cooling System

Date: 23 Jul 2009
The forced draft cooling system is to cool down the cooling circulation for magnetic eddy brake and draw-works to make them working in safe condition. Thus they can work in full capacity and give long service life.
The system can be used in summer high temperature condition and also in winter in low temperature, and not only used in desert oilfield and also in land and offshore oilfield. It is the ideal and reliable system for such purpose.
The cooling system has found wide application in China with excellent efficiency. The first desert drilling rig equipped with this system has got excellent operation in that area for several years.
It has got all-werther performance. And we also supply sand prevent device for electrical motor used in desert area.
The mains specification is as listed in table.
Output temp. (water from eddy brake):   ≤72℃
Environment Temp. of output temp.  ≤Environment temperature +5℃
The displacement of water pump:        830/min
General power:                      42kw
Overall dimension:                   10,000 x 3,000 x 3,000mm
Weight :                            16,000kg
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Lanzhou Petroleum Machinery Research Institute
349 Dunhuang Road Lanzhou Gansu[730050]
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