Lanzhou Petroleum Machinery Research Institute

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LPMRI engaged in R&D and manufacturing of drilling machine & production, Refinery & Chemical plant, offshore & desert oilfiled equipment, Natural gas processing & recovery, light industry and the performance test and evaluation as well. It also engaged in project contract, software import and development, technology consultation.

LPMRI is responsible for the guidance of technology and program setup of development. From 1981 to 2005, it has set up 42 development programs for our country and set up over 400 national and professional specifications for oilfield machine, refinery and chemical plant equip.

For over 40 years, 874 each that the LPMRI contributes scientific and technical result for the country; Among them, three scientific and technical results win National Invention Prize, 157 each scientific and technical results win National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology , national scientific and technological conference's award and prize for the achveivement in science and technology at ministerial and provincial levels, 8 scientific and technical results and products are classified as National-level new products and National Torch Program products.

National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Oilfield Machine and Refinery & Chemical Equipment, The sub-committee of Heat Exchanger under National Pressure Vessel Standardization and Technical Committee, Secretary Member in General of National Specification and Technology Committee for Drilling and Production Machinery are set in the Institute.

LPMRI is the committee member and secretary member in General of Drilling & Production Branch of China Association of Petroleum & Petrochemical Equipment and the sub-committee of Heat Exchanger under National Pressure Vessel Standardization and Technical Committee, and it presides over the daily routine.

For over 40 years, LPMRI have made enormous contribution of our country petrochemical industry to the lasting development, the products are widely used at home and abroad, such as Turkmenistan?Sudan?Iraq?India? Kazakstan and Burma.
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349 Dunhuang Road Lanzhou Gansu[730050]
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