Crude Oil Burner

Date: 30 Dec 2009

Features Specifications:

The crude oil burner is a single-head, 3-nozzle, oil and gas burner for onshore and offshore exploration and development well testing and cleanup. It provides an efficient and cost-effective alternative to oil storage. 

The burner geometry makes extensive use of pneumatic atomization and enhanced air induction. The burner is equipped with one or two pilots, a flame-front ignition system. A built-in water screen to reduce heat radiation. 

It has been proved that Crude Oil Burner is highly efficient with all types of oil, particularly heavy and waxy oils. 

All Crude Oil Burners are manufactured under a Type Approval and Design Verification Review and are provided with a Certificate of Conformity and a full quality file.

?Offshore and onshore exploration and development well testing and cleanup operations
?Operations in environmentally sensitive areas
?Heavy and waxy oil production
?Reduces environmental impact during well testing
?Provides an efficient and costeffective alternative to oil storage
?Accommodates low oil flow rates and adverse wind conditions
?Fallout- and smoke-free
?Operates efficiently with up to 25% water cut
?Built-in shutoff valve
?Integral design of water screens
?Large operating range with optional multirate kit
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