Data Header

Features Specifications:

The data header is a short sub connected to the upstream side of the choke manifold to provide additional pressure gauge, thermowell, and sampling or injection ports. The data header allows connection of pressure and temperature monitoring equipment, as well as sampling or injection equipment.

Various models are available for different well conditions (pressures, temperatures, and flow rates) and various connections, such as hammer unions and API-6A flanges.

All data headers are manufactured under Type Approval or Design Verification Review and are provided with a Certificate of Conformity and full quality file.

?Any well test or cleanup setup where additional pressure, temperature, sampling, or injection ports are needed on the upstream side of the choke manifold
?Includes one pressure gauge port, one thermowell, and several sampling or injection ports
?Designed with the same ID and connections as the choke manifold, surface safety valve, or piping
?Normally designed with hammer unions for connecting straight to the choke manifold or surface safety valve
?Complies with API-6A (PSL-2 or -3, PR2) and H2S (NACE? MR0175)
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Shanghai Sunry Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd
Building 3, No.277, Zhe Qiao Road PuDong Area[201206]
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