coal-burning steam injection boiler QXL23—17.5一A ll

Date: 14 Sep 2009
The steam boiler is a special boiler for heavy oil thermal recovery.Has been using oil or gas as its fuels,as the need for oil and gas is increasing rapidly all over the world and the prices continue rising up,using coal to replace oil becomes more and more important for reducing cost.
    To cope with this situation we have recently developed the chain grate monotube boiler for which we adopt a newly developed intelligent diesel engine driven power-off protection system and flexible membrane wall with extended surface tubes.It features as stable running continuously,easy operation,low accident rate and good coal adaptability.

model    QXL23—17.5一A ll
steam output    23t/h
vapor temperature    354℃
working pressure    17.5Mpa
waterfeed temperature  5—200c
steam quality 80%
size    12500×3600×6500 mm

Contact information:
The General Machinery Plant of Liaohe Petroleum Exploration Bureau of CNPC
Hongcun street, Xinglongtai district, Panjin, Liaoning P.R., China [124209]
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