Surface Evaporative Air Cooler (SEAC)

Date: 23 Mar 2009

The Principle of Surface Evaporative Air Cooling

The principle of surface evaporative air cooling (SEAC) utilizes the water film evaporation effect outside of tube to enhance the heat transfer of tube outside. A pump makes cooling water in a tank beneath the unit transferred to the distributor above the smooth tube bundle that is laid horizontally. The water is then spread down to the surface of the smooth tubes so an even and continuous water film is formed. In the meanwhile, a fan is used to draw the wet and warm air off from the top of the unit, making the air flowing from bottom to the top through the smooth tube bundle. At the time of the sensible heat transfer between the water film and airflow, the snap evaporation of water film absorbed most of heat, thus enhancing the heat transfer outside the tube. As water possesses higher latent heat (the latent heat of water rejected at the atmosphere by evaporation is 570 kcal per kilo) that makes heat transfer outside of tube tremendously high and total heat transfer is greatly increased.

In respect of structure, the main point is that it combines cooling tower and tubular exchanger in one with no independent cooling circulation system needed, thus reducing the area occupied. In addition, the smooth tube is used as heat transfer tube, the initial cost is greatly reduced. Also as the smooth tube is used air resistance is low. So less air flow is needed. And the cooling water is circulated in its system, so the water consumption is lower, making the operation cost lower.

SEAC is suitable for cooling or condensing the medium with low temperature (≤8000 for SEAC and ≤140 for combined evaporative air cooler) and the temperature of the medium cooled is close to ambient wet bulb temperature.

The Features and Application of SEAC

SEAC is a new type of heat transfer equipment that combines water cooling and air cooling, heat transfer and mass transf

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